Saturday, August 05, 2006

Roger Is Coming Back!

O.K. guys, we have to clean up this place! Roger is getting back from vacation today! Or tomorrow! I don't know, he said "around August 5th"! It is too August 5th today!

Steve, I don't care if you two are 'in love', you have to get the stripper to leave. And Frito, could you just vacuum up the snack food crumbs for once in your life?

Ahab, I know you were just learning to blog, but you have to empty the wastepaper baskets of all those rough drafts and stuff. Sheesh, they're all over the floor! No, I don't know where the garbage bags are. Check under the sink. Also, is there a recycling bin? We have to keep the environment in mind... Oh please. Don't be a hypocrite!

Marshall, you gotta either finish those beers in the fridge or give them away, man! We have not been drinking them! But there are too many of them for just you to finish in one day... Oh yeah? I dare you to drink 'em all today then!

And has anyone seen TS? There's this... 'thing' in the middle of the living room that's just been sitting there for two weeks! Does anyone have TS's phone number. No! I'm not touching it. I don't even know what it is. It could be dangerous!

O.K., I'll clean the bathroom. Just stop arguing. We've gotta get going!

Update: Oopsie! Roger is coming back on Tuesday, so this post is definitely premature. I'll just have to deal...

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