Sunday, August 06, 2006

Breaking: Stunning Hypocrisy on Right
Powerline for doctored images before being against

Like JPod, down there, The Corner's Kathryn Jean Lopez was engorged this morning on the excitement surrounding the swirling blown smoke of a doctored Reuters photograph. Surrendering to another day of unremitting blogging, she posted of her passion:

Reuters [Kathryn Jean Lopez]
Powerline was all over it, too.

George Conway has a good roundup .

Posted at 11:22 AM

And Powerline was indeed "all over it." Even before JPod was stirred awake by the story very early this morning, one of the not-Assrockets had posted on it (with required reference to the apocryphal Qana denial tale) only to have Assrocket himself zoom in right behind him with a bright Reuters "Picture Kill" graphic and an explanation of how someone had apparently Photoshopped a pretty bad post-bombing image into a...pretty bad post-bombing image.

Where are the morals of these people? Faking news pictures?! What's next -- manufacturing video clips to make our political opponents look bad?

What's that? Earlier this week, Assrocket posted a manufactured YouTube clip of Representative John Dingell of Michigan? One that falsely made Dingell out to be a supporter of Hezbollah?

Well surely once Assrocket knew he'd been punk'd (for surely he had no idea what tripe he was posting), he promptly apologized and tracked down the perpetrator and taught him a lesson with his enormous blog? Right? Right?

Um, not so much. Since then it's been pretty much, as Steve M calls it, *crickets.*

Update: Think Progress has the details on Powerline's lowly tactics.

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