Monday, August 07, 2006

Beam Me Down, Sporty
Back to a quieter life in comments

Thank you Roger for the opportunity to drive the nice shiny blog. It's been a hell of a frolic. Thanks, Sporty, for the technical guidance you gave me at first and for all of your fun comments. Thanks to the portion of Roger's audience who stayed with us and tolerated our un-Rogerness so graciously and especially to those of you who livened things up for everyone with your comments.

But I owe my biggest debt of gratitude to the wingnuts. Thank you for being there for me, wingers. Whenever I needed you, there you were, all over the moronofascisphere, clinging to the craziest of crazy notions. You are legion and you are borderline insane. And I salute you all with a special salute. (Especially you, Bobowens, still rooting around in photos of dead people after a solid week of futility. Qana you sink any lower? Why, yes -- yes, I truly believe that you can.)

Welcome home, Roger! I hope you're well rested, because you've got your work cut out for you in this country.

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