Thursday, August 03, 2006

Rumsfeld: Iraq Isn't In "A Classic Civil War At This Stage...Certainly Isn't Like Our Civil War"...
(via the Huffington Post)

That's right Don, and do you know why? No good songs!! That's right, WHAT are the Gulf War II renacters going to sing as they recreate the grand battle of Falujah? We've got to right this immediately:

I-I wish I wuz in the land of petrol
Where the damage is co-lateral
Fire away, fire away, fire away
There's IRE's and SAMs abounding
Oh to see a Blackhawk grounding
Fire away, fire away fire away

*Since Michael Ledeen referred to Syria and Iran as "Syran", I figure why leave Iraq out of the fun. Besides, it scans better.

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