Saturday, December 15, 2012

You Don't Need More Evidence That Glenn Reynolds Is A Worthless Piece of Shit

But here it is anyway.

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Montag said...

It's kinda hilarious that Reynolds hangs his hat on that Burroughs quote, as if he could get away with it standing in isolation, that no one would remember Burroughs' history. Now whatever else Burroughs was, he was not to be trusted around firearms, especially since he'd already proven that once. By his own example, he's a poster boy for some serious gun legislation.

But, Reynolds undoubtedly thought no one would notice (well, given his readership, maybe that was a reasonable expectation on his part). Nevertheless, it's a perfect example of the sort of flagrant dishonesty that populates the right wing's arguments on guns.

That Reynolds, a lawyer, also would let himself get hoisted on his own petard, just shows what a mental stumblebum he truly is.