Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Media Suicide Watch

Attention former employees of Newsweak -- you lost your jobs so that your employer could bring this to the masses:
Fish Spatula  This is a weird little item, especially for someone like me, who doesn’t actually like the taste of cooked fish.  (Don’t yell at me, it seems to be genetic; my sister has the same aversion, even though both my parents love fish).  I don’t quite recall how we acquired this, but now I wouldn’t do without it.  It’s obviously designed for transporting your delicate fish from cookware to plate, but it’s good for any oversized item.  I wouldn’t say I get it out every day, but I can say that when I’ve needed it, I’ve really needed it--it’s helped me lift a layer cake without breaking it, move the Arnold Schwarzenegger of capons to a serving platter, and otherwise solve tricky jobs that could easily have gone very badly indeed.  Probably especially great if you actually like fish.
You won't believe what Suderman uses it for.

The relatively less uninteresting thing is that even though MeeCardle has the same crap on her list every year, she apparently pens a different description of the same crap each year.  Must be something in her contract.

I've taken the liberty of removing the income-generating link from the selection quoted above.  Anything to hasten the inevitable death of the Beast with All Hacks.


Ken Houghton said...

"You won't believe what Suderman uses it for."

Glad his watching of Stripes was good for something.

Can we get an exigesis of this, please?

"It seems to be genetic; my sister has the same aversion, even though both my parents love fish."

Is McMegan admitting to being an adoptee, along with her sister? Or does she not understand the first thing about genetics, this woman who writes about how great drug companies are.

Downpuppy said...

The Southern Boy uses it as a creel?

bob_is_boring said...

The worst thing -- worst than the barely disguised corporate shilling, worse than the awful, awful hacktackular writing -- is that deep down she's convinced that we're really, really interested in her.

aimai said...

Hope she adds the Banana Slicer to her list.

Dave S. said...

The folks at Balloon Juice were all over this last year, especially (IIRC) the egg separator. Two bowls and a minimum of careful egg-cracking always do it for me; on the other hand I have never served Schwarzenegger-sized capons, which I suspect are chickens relabeled and marked-up by the local meat market she patronizes patronizingly.

Montag said...

How nice to hear from the Ron Popeil of the Going Galt set.

But, I think I know why MeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMegan doesn't like fish. And it's got nothing to do with her genes. I think her pride was once hurt by a trout.