Saturday, December 01, 2012

All Fail The Conquering Zero

Thor Thorassson has rejected the universal uproar demanding that he primary Saxby Chambliss. Thor thays that he can't afford the pay cut, and then offers this incoherent tearjerker:
In December of 2006 my wife lay dying. She had six months to live. We talked in ways we never talked before about what it would be like when she was gone. She said she had seen me grow in my role at RedState as a catapult, launching others into the arena to do the fighting while I stood on the outside assisting and fighting. My role is that of the catapult still. I’ve been in the arena. I’m meant to be on the outside helping. I am more useful to the ideas I believe in and the cause I love being where I am. I have a television presence, a well listened to radio show on the largest talk radio station in the nation, and RedState itself.
Luckily, my wife got a reprieve. She had been misdiagnosed. But I won’t put her or my family through something like that when I don’t even view it as my calling.
So Thor's wife wasn't actually dying, she was the victim of medical malpractice. But as she lay not dying, Mrs. Thorassson recalled the days when her fat manchild was a fat child, endangering other children by mounting the teeter-totter. And that little big man grew up to be a Palinesque city councilmember, Clark Howard's warm-up act (when there's not a basketball game preempting him) and a CNN stooge. 

But why can't Thorassson at least endorse Moe Lane for the Senate seat?


Tom said...

" she lay not dying..."

I believe the technical term is "malingering."

Probably just wanted Thor to handle some of the housecleaning duties for a change.

merlallen said...

At least that would have got him off CNN.

K. Ron Silkwood said...

"Catapult." Heh.

Montag said...

The odds are pretty good that Red-Ass Son of Red-Ass will endorse Karen Handel... which is sort of the same thing as endorsing Moe Lane.