Monday, December 31, 2012

The Worst of Humanity

I know secondhand the seriousness of blood clots because some close to me suffers from them.  They are a serious medical condition, regardless of their location.  I don't believe I have a right to claim moral superiority because of connection to someone who suffers from that condition, or that I would have such a right if I suffered from it myself.

In any event, It's not possible to think less of Glenn Reynolds than I already do.


Anonymous said...

One of our restaurant buddies broke his leg in the bathroom two weeks ago and died of an embolism. He was only 49. Blood clots from whatever source can be very quickly lethal.


Dark Avenger said...

I had an aunt who had a problem with clots in her legs, she had to be hospitalized for a week and the clots were dissolved.

Glenn Reynolds knows about as much about human medicine as he does about human decency, that is, nothing whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

I know several people - work related - who have either died from DVTs or where the clots have been caught on time. Als known a few people who've lost limbs. Clots are serious. Somebody publicly needs to tell Krauthammer that he's just putting it on with his quadriplegia for sympathy.

Montag said...

Ah, well, no one has ever accused these people of being geniuses, so this is all in character.

Still, it does make one occasionally wish that the Instacracker get his chance to experience the miracle of ischemic attack, just to help fill in the gaps in his general knowledge.

PurpleGirl said...

A friend's mother died in her 40s due to blood clots. When my friend reached the same age, she began having blood clots too. Medicine has made strides since the 1960s so my friend takes a blood thinner and she's had a filter implanted in her leg. Still, she can't fly anymore and do a couple of other things because of the chance of clots forming. They can completely change your life, even if they don't kill you right away.

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