Monday, December 17, 2012

We Have to Put Future Procreation By Republicans On The Table

This article asserts that both of Adam Lanza's parents were/are Republicans.  (It's from the Telegraph, so who knows if it's true.)  So where is the call for a conversation about the role Republican copulation plays in our culture of violence?

The same article also asserts that Adam Lanza was a fan of violent video games.  No evidence is offered.  Lanza left school in the tenth grade, probably four or more years ago.  He reportedly is a loner with no friends and an aversion to social interaction.  His mother is dead, and his father and brother aren't talking.  No one has found an online presence.  Reportedly, a/the computer in his home was trashed, and police aren't saying what they found, if anything, in the home.  I haven't seen the claim that Lanza was into violent video games attributed to anyone (either with a name given, or speaking anonymously).  

It seems that the people currently talking about video games and "Hollywood" (purveyors of such products as this and many like it) are playing one of two angles: Either they want to distract people from gun legislation, or they figure gun legislation is inevitable and want their pet hard-on to ride its coattails on a wave of "do something."  Examples of these folks are Tom Ridge (see below), Joe Scarborough, Chuck Todd and Nooners.

Apart from the lack of a connection to the present matter, the focus on video games and popular culture is wrong for a more fundamental reason.  People, mentally ill and not, kill based on the Bible all the time.  See, Andrea Yates, Scott Roeder, David Koresh, George W. Bush, &c.  The Bible doesn't make them kill any more than video games make people kill. (It might be argued give people better hand-to-eye coordination, but nothing beats the skillbuilding you get from a trip to the shooting range with mom.)  So get back to me about video games, Chuckles and  Morning Joe, when the next items on your hit list are "the Bible" and "the Glenn Beck Show."

Like video games and other words and images, guns don't cause people to shoot other people.  Unlike video games, guns propel projectiles which can destroy human organs rapidly, from a wide variety of distances.  Which is why children should be protected from guns and their users by society as a whole, and from crap video games and television and movies from their parents and guardians.

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