Sunday, December 02, 2012

Where Are They Now?

Ever wonder what ol' whats-his-name has been doing? Me neither, but the Washington Post apparently cares.
One longtime counselor contrasted Romney with former vice president Al Gore, whose weight gain and beard became a symbol of grievance over his 2000 loss [sic]. “You won’t see heavyset, haggard Mitt,” he said. Friends say a snapshot-gone-viral showing a disheveled Romney pumping gas is just how he looks without a suit on his frame or gel in his hair.
Don't count on that, anon. counselor:
Over Thanksgiving, one of Romney’s five sons, Josh, his wife and their four children packed into a single bedroom at the Spanish-style villa on Dunemere Drive here. One friend said they ordered their turkey dinner from Boston Market, the home-style restaurant chain, because there were too many kids running around the house to bother with cooking a feast.
Meanwhile, Paul Ryan is undergoing 'roid detoxification at a private clinic in Green Bay.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mitt thinks the election was stolen.

Realist said...

undergoing 'roid detoxification

Steroid or hemorrhoid?

Montag said...

"Steroid or hemorrhoid?"

My thought exactly. But, since Ryan is one giant hemorrhoid, that would likely lead to his extinction.

Roger said...


and a Backwards Capandectomy.

aw said...

"disheveled Rmoney"

Probably referring to this pic: