Monday, December 20, 2004

The're No Putz Like Howie For The Holidays

Nine days after this blog pointed out that Lani Guinier did not employ an undocumented domestic worker, contrary to reports by the A.P., the Washington Post and others, Howie "the Putz" Kurtz finally gets around to noticing the massive incompetence of his media pals. And he leads off the item with a lame quip about how Guinier doesn't look like Zoe Baird, even though they're both women.

It's apparent that the Putz found the story from reading The Volokh Conspiracy blog, which didn't comment on the error until the 13th, two days after this blog noted it. The question is: Does Howie not read this blog, or did he refuse to mention it because it often reports on Howie's gross hackery and conflicts of interest? And if it's the former, can the Post really afford a media reporter who's so ill-informed?

The Putz also pens a gullible puffer on the Iraqthemodel blog, not bothering to question the truth of such factesque assertions by its authors as the claim that a majority of the Iraqis in a particular region make their money from drug running, kidnapping, arms dealing and prostitution because "they have no moral, religious or social values." I suggest Howie go on a fact-finding mission to determine whether Iraq is as peaceful and prosperous as the Fadhil brothers claim.