Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Part II: It Must Be Love

(Five points for each correct answer)

Match the Republican with the object of his erection*:

1. Jack Ryan

2. Bill O'Reilly

3. David Smith (Sinclair Broadcasting)

4. Representative Ed Schrock

5. Bernard Kerik

6. Stephen P. Linnen (Republican staff counsel)

7. Dick Dasen, Sr.

8. Tom Wolfe (and his fans, John Derbyshire, Charles Colson, etc.)

9. Unnamed Bush appointee/department head

10. Kerry Dwayne Stevens (American Family Radio)


a. Producing child pornography

b. Sex with impoverished crack addicts, minors

c. Cruising phone sex/chat lines

d. Vibrator shaped like a little cock

e. Public sex in sex clubs

f. Deflowering white college students

g. Anal sex with a blogger, for $400

h. Blow job by hooker in company Mercedes

i. Exposing himself and photographing victims' reactions

j. Judith Regan

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* Note: All persons are innocent until proven guilty, even Republicans.

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