Friday, December 24, 2004

An interesting aspect of the Jacqueline Duty/Confederate Flag lawsuit is the claim that Duty "lost many scholarships because she was portrayed as a racist" and "graduated near the top of her class."

Here's an explanation of the incident allegedly written by Duty:

"The school spoke to my mother and I as if we were stupid and with no respect. You wouldn't believe how they acted. When the principle told my boyfriend and I to leave he, I'm guessing, wanted to show his anger and smacked the hood of my boyfriend's mom's car. They acted out in the wrong way trying to use force when we weren't even putting up a fight. I wasn't there to cause problems I was going to do as I was told so that way what they did was all on them and none of this could come back on me. I was so embarrassed by all of this because they wouldn't even let us out of our automobile and yelled and screamed all of these things at my date and myself in front of a large crowd who were mostly there to see me and support what I was standing up for. So after all this I ended up spending my senior prom on the sidewalk in front of my school and danced my first and last dance of my senior year there."

Sounds like academic standards in Kentucky are as lax as those in Tennessee.

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