Monday, December 06, 2004


Via Talking Points Memo, we learn that Bernie Kerik's got his own Dick Dasen problem(*):

There's also Kerik's never-fully explained role in the 1990s as head of a New York City Corrections Department foundation that was secretly funded with roughly $1 million of tobacco company rebates from departmental purchases of cigarettes using city funds. Kerik's hand-picked treasurer for the foundation, Frederick Patrick, is now serving a one-year prison sentence after admitting in court that he pilfered nearly $140,000 of the foundation's money to pay for collect-call phone sex from inmates.

Inmate phone sex. It just sounds so Republican.

I couldn't find out much more about Patrick, except that he was a deputy police commissioner as recently as February 2003. Maybe he can become Deputy Director of Homeland Security if he gets out before 2008.

* Dick Dasen is a Wyoming Montana businessman and Republican party donor accused of paying numerous women millions of dollars for sex.

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