Monday, December 06, 2004

The Non-Separation Of Church And Hate

So do wingnuts really believe that religion is an appropriate subject for public school classrooms?

To a point.

As Daniel Pipes detailed in the Nov. 24 issue of, the 15th tip in a list of "18 tips for Imams and Community Leaders" from the Islamic Web site is "Establish a parents' committee to monitor public schools." The committee, Mr. Pipes says, is to "arrange for Muslims to deliver talks about Islam and Muslims" in the schools.

Mr. Pipes summarizes other suggestions from, including: "Lobby to include Islamic dates on the school calendar;" "Add books and magazines about Islam... to the school library;" and "Incorporate Islam into class projects. For example, if students are required to give a speech in class and they can choose any topic, an Islamic subject should be selected. Similar opportunities can be created in history, social science, writing and other classes."

So, while the history and faith of our own country is being erased and a spiritual vacuum created, Islamists are rushing to fill that vacuum with the history and faith of another country.

The point that is on their heads, and their headgear.

Meanwhile, eRiposte has the true story behind Pouting Thomas's favorite fairy tale.

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