Monday, December 13, 2004

Republican Family Values: FOX Screws Edition

New York Daily News reporter Russ Buettner is smoking crack:

Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik conducted two extramarital affairs simultaneously, using a secret Battery Park City apartment for the passionate liaisons, the Daily News has learned.

The first relationship, spanning nearly a decade, was with city Correction Officer Jeanette Pinero; the second, and more startling, was with famed publishing titan Judith Regan.

His affair with Regan, the stunningly attractive head of her own book publishing company, lasted for almost a year.

What the ---? I'd rather sleep with Don Regan.

When Judith Regan, the bitter, moralizing Clinton-hater, was on the FOX News Channel, there was a layer of vaseline over the camera lens the density of which was not been seen since Dynasty was in production. Of course, her unattractiveness is due to her vile right-wing views, and her vanity, not her actual appearance. Which makes her the female (other) Roger Ailes. (Although the other Ailes is physically repulsive too.)

More on Regan -- who published a book about how "nightmarish materialism ... threatens to destroy America, as we pursue money, sex, and power at the expense of family life, duty, and goodness" -- here. Perhaps she had a duty to bed Bernie.

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