Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Part VI: Crime Time Live

(Five points for each correct answer)

Match the Republican with his or her crime*:

1. Governor John G. Rowland

2. State Representative J. Edward Kerns

3. State Senator Renee Unterman

4. James Tobin, Northeast Political Director, Republican Senatorial Committee

5. U.S. Representative Bill Janklow

6. Jim Ellis, aide to House Majority Leader Tom DeLay

7. County Commissioner Ilona Sanders

8. Andrew Fastow

9. State Representative Edwin Sullivan Jr.

10. State School Superintendent Linda Schrenko


a. Manslaughter

b. Stealing federal funds

c. Passing bad checks

d. Raising illegal campaign contributions

e. Possession of cocaine and marijuana

f. Drunk driving (aka acting Presidential/Vice Presidential)

g. Conspiracy to steal honest services

h. Stalking

i. Telephone harassment (to surpress voter turnout)

j. Conspiracy to commit fraud

It's almost over, I swear.

*All persons are innocent until proven guilty, even Republicans.

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