Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Conventional Leftovers

Caught most of the convention via radio tonight.

I forgot how much I miss Howard Dean. 

And remembered why Kerry didn't pick Gephardt as his running mate.

Barack Obama's speech was very well written, and I appreciated his trashing of the inane Red State/Blue State metaphor.  In fact, it was great to hear him challenging the pundits and the conventional wisdom that falsely associates patriotism with the right wing.  It's easy to see why the Republicans can't come up with anyone to oppose him. 

That John Kerry version of Rollin' On The River ("... John Kerry keeps on tryin'/Kerry/Kerry") has got to go.

I'll catch some of the replay on C-SPAN.  Turned to CNN to see Laura Ingraham telling Aaron Brown about how the troops love Bush.

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