Thursday, July 29, 2004

Can You Tell A Greenfield/From A Cold Steel Rail...

Answer: The rail has integrity.

On CNN, Jeff "Green Teeth" Greenfield was waving the RNC blastfax just minutes after Senator Kerry's speech concluded. Seems Kerry's video bio contained so many accomplishments the Senator didn't have time to mention that he was Mike Dukakis's Lt. Governor.

Let's see how many of these career highlights make the Bush video:

  • Failed to appear for flight physical
  • Failed to appear for duty, Alabama National Guard (or, alternatively, read magazines in lieu of actual military service)
  • Failed sobriety test
  • Failed businessman (Arbusto)
  • Failed candidate (U.S. Congress)
  • Member of failed G.H.W. Bush reelection committee
  • Failed governor (education, environment, etc.)
  • Failed to win popular vote
  • Failed to win necessary electoral college votes
  • Failed to prevent terrorist attacks on America
  • Failed to tell the truth about war with Iraq
  • "Mission Failed"
  • Failed to find WMDs
  • Failed economy
  • Osama who?
Needless to say, Greenfield didn't challenge the blastfax when he, Paunch and Judy interviewed Chinless Ed Gillespie.

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