Sunday, July 25, 2004

Blogging About Convention Blogging

For those interested in live convention blogging, there are several sites, such as Feedster, tracking the convention blogs. (Another one has left Atrios off the list, and so will remain nameless, even though it appears to be more up to date.)

For reasons inexplicable, the official DNC Convention blog has a link to warflogger Jeff Jarvis. Jarvis is about as much a New Thinker as I am a new potato. And he's not at the convention, as far as I can tell. Given that most Democratic delegates don't share Jarvis's Barc-o-Lounger bloodlust, why promote him on the DNC site?

MSGOP's Hardball has a convention blog, which appears mostly to be aimed at shoe fetishists like Dick Morris.

MSGOP is also advertising its televised convention coverage on blogs, including Eschaton, which has been brutal -- brutally honest -- about media whores such as Tweezer Matthews and Howard the Duck Fineman. Now that is a triumph of the blogsphere, paying the blog that bites you.

(If the evil Roger or the Reverend Moon are reading this, I'm happy to let you buy space on this site. I'll even give Midget Mick a free "Situation Wanted" ad when the NYT buys Slate and clears out the deadwood. There's dignity in real work, Mick.)

TalkLeft and Pandagon are already in Boston.

Here endeth the update of things you've already read elsewhere.

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