Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Senate Gay-Straight Alliance Club

Republican Senator Larry Craig (R-WC) demonstrates that he is wide but not narrow as he extends a consoling hand under the partition to embattled fellow Republican, Sen. David Vitter, according to The Hill:

Embattled Louisiana Sen. David Vitter (R) is getting support from fellow Republicans who say he should not resign over a public sex scandal — including from someone who can speak from experience.

Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho was among several GOP senators who say Vitter's testimony in the "D.C. Madam" prostitution case should not compel his resignation.

"First and foremost, in these kinds of issues, it's the state and the relationship you have with your state that really determines where you ought to go," Craig said. "That was certainly my case. The Senate itself wasn't going to judge me. I would allow the citizens of my state to do so. And there is still strong support there."


[Craig] also said he sympathizes with Vitter's treatment by the media.

"My story became a situation where my wife and I watched it almost as if it were caricatures out there being talked about," Craig said. "It certainly wasn't me, but that was quite typical in a 24/7 news cycle like we have today."

Craig was caricatured in the media as a man who didn't contest charges that he had solicited sex from a cop in an airport bathroom, which is totally unlike him.

The article fails to name any of the "several GOP senators" beside Craig who support Vitter. Perhaps they're his fellow Johns, McCain and Warner.

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