Monday, April 28, 2008

Hack, Sack and Crack

I've been lax in my Kaus bashing lately, and not just because I can't get his shitty page to load properly (a problem I don't have with other parts of Slate). But let me endorse this well-executed whack at the hairless hack:

Of course, Mickey never bothers to actually address Elizabeth's argument. Because this is something he almost never does. There's no evidence of intellectual heavy lifting on his blog, ever, about anything. He constantly makes smug assumptions that he assumes his readers must share, almost never offering up any supporting details. For instance, whenever he writes about unions, he decries union "work rules" that allegedly hamper productivity. But he seems unaware that the best research shows that unionized firms on average are more productive than their nonunionized counterparts, not less.


Kaus's nasty smears concerning the love child story are especially rich given that just last week, he blasted Joe Conason for Joe's "sleazy" 1992 reporting on George H.W. Bush's alleged extramarital adventures. And Kaus has the balls to bitch about Elizabeth's "chutzpah?"


I'm an inveterate matchmaker, and a brilliant idea just occurred to me: how about pairing up perennial bachelor Mickey Kaus with perennial bachelorette Maureen Dowd? Their dinner conversations would be scintillating, I'm sure. Maureen and Mickey can take turns -- first she can talk about Bill Clinton's cock and then he can talk about John Edwards' cock. They can break it up occasionally by talking about how Hillary Clinton is a ball-busting bitch and Barack Obama is an effete latte-sipping snob.

My first thought was, "but what if they mate?" And then I thought, "It's Mickey Kaus."

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