Monday, April 14, 2008

The Pride of Wingnuttia

The latest recipient of wingnut welfare is the "founder"* of Dartblog, who became a cash money thousandaire in a blogging contest judged by such far-right luminaries as Glenn Reynolds, Megan McArdle, Doughy Pantload and Rob Bluey. The "founder" and his scrappy flunkies (who actually write most of the posts) have shown that they've got what it takes to be welfare queens of the information age.

Take this April 13, 2008 post, for example:

While Barack Obama is in San Francisco making disparaging remarks about fundamental rights (e.g. guns) and fundamental values (e.g. G-d), Hillary Clinton was hanging out in a Pennsylvania bar with some of the very folks that Obama was denigrating.

Dartblogger "Zak Moore" illustrates his post with a photograph of Clinton without crediting or linking to the photographer or her news service. Typical wingnut respect for the rights and property of others.

Also, the photograph depicts Senator Clinton in an Indiana restaurant and bar, not in a Pennsylvania bar. And Senator Obama wasn't in San Francisco either when the photograph was taken (April 12) or when the post was written. The remarks that Moore misrepresents were made on April 6. Most importantly, Obama didn't disparage either "G_d" or gun rights in his comments.

Other than that, the post is brilliant. And its quality and accuracy outstrips most anything found at The Corner or

* Jonathan Adler of the Volokh Conspiracy, one of the judges, manages to get both the first and last names of the founder wrong in his congratulatory post. The torch is passed!

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