Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dance Dance Ron Paul REVOLution

I intended to link to this Washington Post article to ridicule the dimwitted lifestyle libertarians mentioned therein, but this bit is even funnier than the guy whining to the cops, "So you're saying the state is going to reject us? It's Thomas Jefferson's biiiiiirthday":

Quite the contrary, says Peter Onuf, Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation professor of history at U-Va.

"What they're referring to here is Jefferson's endorsement of popular resistance to tyrannical authority," he said yesterday. "What these folks were involved in was provoking authorities into having to enforce the law. Jefferson was very anal about obedience to the law."

Finest reference to ass in the history of the Washington Post, with the possible exception of when Howie Kurtz dined alone.

By the way, the lifestyle libertarian crowd is fundraising for their prancing cohort who got pinched at the Jefferson Memorial. Given their cohort's family wealth and ties to those renowned libertarians, the Bush Administration and Saudi Arabia, the most accurate characterization of these fundraising efforts would be either "Save The Trust Fund" or "Pissing Money Down A Rathole." I wonder when the Ron Paul Dancers will take their little troupe to Guantanamo Bay or Riyadh.

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