Monday, April 28, 2008

Secret Squirrels

Mr. Heriot wanted to make it clear that the problem wasn't his lack of faith in the ancient mysteries. "To all who have been inspired by 'The Secret,'" he said in a prepared statement sent by e-mail through his law firm, "please know that I am not suing the universal principles of 'The Secret.' Rather, I am suing the corporate principals behind 'The Secret,' who promised at the outset that profits would be shared, and who have not kept faith with 'The Secret''s tenets of gratitude and integrity."

Karina Carretero, a spokeswoman for TS Production L.L.C., the company Ms. Byrne and Robert E. Rainone Jr., an investor, had registered in Hungary, said the organization would not comment for this article. "'The Secret' chooses not to participate in media interviews," she said in an e-mail message.

The secret is ... the world is full of morons.

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