Thursday, April 03, 2008

Homegrown Terrorists

As Lawyers, Guns and Money reminds us, April is American Holocaust Nostalgia Month for the twisted sociopaths throughout this Nation who celebrate the Confederacy and its progeny.

As an antidote to this month-long celebration of hate, I recommend the book The Bloody Shirt: Terror After Appomattox, which points out that the post-war South was as lousy with terrorists as a Taliban/al-Qaeda reunion:

Between 1867 and 1877, more than three thousand free African Americans and their white allies were killed in cold blood by terrorist organizations in the South.

Over the years this fact would not only be forgotten, but a series of exculpatory myths would arise to cover the tracks of this orchestrated campaign of atrocity and violence. Little memory would persist of the simple truth: that a well-organized and directed terrorist movement, led by ex-Confederates who refused to accept the verdict of Appomattox and the enfranchisement of the freedmen, succeeded in overthrowing the only freely elected, representative governments that the Southern states would know for a century to come.

The Civil War wasn't a war of brothers against brothers; it was a war of brothers against fratricidal fiends. The Confederate flag should be accorded the same respect any other symbol of genocide, and those who fly it should be treated as terrorist sympathizers.

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