Monday, April 14, 2008

Old Style Campaigning

You'd drink too, just to get the taste of Bronko's pizza out of your mouth.

CROWN POINT, Ind. -- While Barack Obama spent Saturday defending a remark that made him sound like an elitist, Hillary Clinton's response was initially just words, calling him "elitist" and "out of touch."

But then in Crown Point, a town 25 miles from Gary, the New York senator downed a shot of Crown Royal whiskey, had a beer and chomped down a slice of cheese pizza, as her aides rushed to fill her request for another slice, with pepperoni. The crowd at Bronko's restaurant cheered as Clinton clincked [sic] her glass against fellow drinker's [sic], while at the same time the restaurant's manager told a man who brought his grandchildren to the event he needed to take them out the room.

Clinton stayed only about 30 minutes, but the audience, full of supporters, seemed thrilled with the senator's performance, shouting "Hillary! Hillary!" as she turned up her glass and finished her beer.

"Everytime I get around you, I start drinking," joked Thomas McDermott Jr., the mayor of nearby Hammond, Ind., and a Clinton supporter who also came to the event.

It was the end of a long day of campaigning in this state for Clinton, who will face pressure from Democratic officials to drop of the race if she loses May 6 primaries in both the Hoosier State and in North Carolina, which goes to the polls that day, as well. She is far behind in polls in North Carolina, but effectively tied here.

She should've gone to Aurelio's. I suspect Mark Penn is to blame.

p.s. to Perry Bacon, Jnr.: Crown Point isn't 25 miles from Gary. Lousy out-of-touch, decadent coastal elitists.

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