Friday, September 07, 2007

Sic Fucks

I rarely comment on the quality of writing or proofreading on blogs, primarily because I don't believe amateurs and part-timers should be held to professional standards and secondarily because I'm too lazy to use spellcheck. If a blogger and a formerly-respected journal are going to combine forces, however, at least one of the two should make a half-assed stab at literacy.

Ignore the obvious idiocy of the content of this example, and consider the grammar, composition, punctuation and spelling:

An upper middle class white kid who decides to become a journalist is consigning themselves to a lower standard of living than the one they grew up with; at one time I considered writing a book on downward mobility. But it's not the same decision that a kid whose parents are a janitor and a waitress makes. Even if their parents don't give them money, the upper-middle class kid know that if some financial disaster appears, their parents can step into alleviate it. Help with things like housing downpayments in expensive urban areas will be forthcoming. Eventually, a small inheritence will provide capital for needed projects. Meanwhile, an enhanced lifestyle is generally available through parental meals, vacation homes, theater tickets, and so forth.

You might as well start every post with "Readers, I can't be bothered to give a fuck...."

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