Sunday, September 30, 2007

Newt Runs Away Again

I think we're all disappointed that Newt Gingrich has realized his highest and best purpose in life is to star on a VH1 dating show called Hee-Haw Honeys of Love run a bullshit think tank, and not to run for President.

Earlier today, the melon-headed cracker was quoted as saying:

"To give up and kill an organization we spent a year on and that had 2,000 sites around the country where people had now invested their time and effort just to look at whether or not you could run, I thought would be irresponsible."

Of course, it would have been just as irresponsible last week, when Newt was soliciting pledges of 30 million dollars for a possible Presidential bid. Just slipped his mind.

Now we're left with Huckleberry Fred and Alan Keyes as the comedic relief for the G.O.P. And Duncan Hunter and Ron Paul. And Mitt Romney and that 9/11 guy. And if we're really lucky, a third party run by James Dobson.

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