Saturday, September 22, 2007

It Was Worse Than I Remembered

Thanks to TimesSelect, I'd forgotten just how terrible a writer Maureen Dowd is. Now I remember:

As though Republicans don't have enough problems, Mr. Craig said he is ready to go back to work while the legal hotshots he hired appeal his case. He even cast a couple votes, one against D.C. voting rights. (This creep gets to decide about my representation?)

* * *

The Iraq war she helped sell has turned into Grendel, devouring everything in sight and making it uninhabitable. It has ravaged Iraq, Bush's presidency, the federal budget, the Republican majority, American invincibility and integrity, and now, John McCain's chance to be president. [Jesus wept - Roger]

And there's no Beowulf in sight. Just a bunch of spectacularly wrong hawks stubbornly continuing to be spectacularly wrong at what an alarmed Republican Senator John Warner calls "a time in our history unlike any I have ever witnessed before."

Watching the warring tribes in Iraq grow more violent has caused the beginning of a reconciliation among the warring tribes in Washington, as they realize they have to get the car keys away from the careening president who has crashed into the globe.

* * *

This pundit, for one, needs hope as much as any American these days. But the only time I roll my eyes is when my hope is dashed that Obama will boldly take on Hillary, making his campaign more than cameras and mirrors and magazine covers.


Obama relentlessly recited his credentials to voters in New Hampshire, talking about being a community organizer the way corporate lawyers remind you they were in the Peace Corps.

It's not his experience that excites people, but his brainy elan. We don't know about his judgment: good on Iraq, bad on Rezko.

* * *

Republicans are especially eager for a papa after their disappointing experiences with Junior. After going through so many shattering disasters, W. seems more the inexperienced kid than ever.


W. cooperated with Ropert Draper, the author of a new biography of him, yet the portrait was not flattering. Like a frat president sitting around with the brothers trying to figure out whether to party with Tri-Delts or Thetas, W. asked his advisers for a show of hands last year to see if Rummy should stay on.

Stupid and pointless analogies, issue spotting as substitute for analysis, incompetent analysis, trivia and, quite often, just plain bad writing. She and Nooners must be using the same phone. Even when I can understand Dowd well enough to agree with her -- on those rare occasions she addresses and takes a position on something of significance -- her blather is just painful to read.

The only good news is that she'll be hitting mandatory retirement age any day now.

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