Sunday, September 30, 2007

Kicking Tom Friedman In The Nuts In A Roomful of Nitrous Oxide = Good Satire

In Friedman World, the sole criteria of something's worth is how it affects Tom Friedman.

"Like all good satire, the story made me both laugh and cry..."
Or, as Tommy would paraphrase Mel Brooks, "Tragedy is when I get a gravy stain on my turtleneck. Comedy is when thousands of Iraqis have bombs dropped on them and die."

Tommy Boy doesn't both to explain why an Onion article mocking Rudy Guiliani's 9/11 self-promotion made him weep, but we may safely assume it wasn't due to any self-examination of Tommy's own role in whipping up support for a post-9/11 world police state.

I wonder what emotions Tommy displays when reading about the latest Friedman Unit.

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