Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Oh, Yes I Did

By the way, I'm not the only one who's down on Huckleberry Fred. Dick Viguerie tries his hand at some comedy, and attacks Huckleberry in the persona of a catty bitch known as "The Washington Insider."

(Washington, D.C.) Fred Thompson, well known for his role as the District Attorney in NBC's wildly successful "Law and Order" series, has been signed by Faux Productions to star in its new political soap opera, "The Conservative."


One Faux executive confided to The Washington Insider that the producers wanted to sign Thompson for the series because he was seen as a "natural," having already impersonated a conservative U.S. Senator for eight years. It is not yet known whether the new production will bring back the old stage props, such as Fred's red pickup truck. That may be fine for Tennessee, the executive said, but too unsophisticated for a national show. Rumors are also rampant that Jeri Thompson, who plays the leading distaff role as The Conservative’s child bride, doesn't like pickup trucks.

The snap you just heard was Dick's hip breaking.

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