Sunday, April 18, 2010

Still the Worst Campaign Ever

Scene deleted from Eyes Wide Shut to avoid NC-17 rating
(courtesy Huffington Post)

The Kaus Kampaign rolls on with yet another three-day hiatus.  This is the weekend of the California Democratic Party Convention. Kaus will lose yet another campaign issue after today, namely, his inability to secure a speaking slot at the Convention.

Where was Kaus this weekend? Apparently not at the anti-immigration rally and counterprotest in Los Angeles. Maybe he was on yet another wingnut radio call-in, or appearing on a local call-in show on community station whose transmitter is powered by a hamster wheel. (At least the latter gave Kaus the opportunity to state his views on the legalization of pot and the all-time best Dead bootlegs.)

Kaus claimed on a Bloggingheads segment that's he's raised around $10K in his campaign to date. When the time for disclosure comes round, it will be interesting to see whether 100 percent or only 99 percent of the campaign contributions came from wingnut bloggers and Ivy League chums who have been subsiding Kaus's career for the past 30 years. It all depends on whether his relatives shut him down completely.

Champions of lost causes would be better off flushing their contributions down Star Parker's toilet. At least Parker put some effort into her campaign website.

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