Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Galt Boat, Soon Will be Making Another Run

A remake of Out to Sea, starring Libertarian Fonzie and his fellow Koresh apologists as the dinner dates of elderly Rand acolytes. Watch for Somali pirates in the third act:

Event Highlights...

You've never been on a cruise like this! Join Reason's A-team of journalists, policy wonks, and special guests for an amazing week of thought-provoking seminars and stimulating discussions aboard the luxurious Celebrity Solstice. With exclusive cocktail parties, special dinners, and fun excursions with fellow Reasonistas, it will be a week you'll never forget!

In addition to all the wonderful activities aboard the Celebrity Solstice and in port, this exclusive The Reason Cruise event includes:


-- Port charges, taxes, fuel surcharges, and government fees.

Damn! That's gotta hurt.

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