Monday, April 26, 2010


In which we learn that the well of wingnut welfare has run dry for Senator-wannabe Mickey Kaus:

One of the key innovations of the Kaus for Senate campaign was supposed to be the combination of this pre-existing blog and the campaign web site. Readers would stop by the blog and while they were here they'd hit the contribution button to the right and send some money to get the message out to non-readers. Synergy! Well ... it's not working, people! Or, at least, it's stopped working. ...

I'm shocked that the throngs of Democrats who privately urged Mickey to run and claimed they endorsed his message are, in fact, broke-ass chumps (or maybe they just enjoy a good laugh -- ed.). Perhaps Kaus can blame it on the campaign finance laws, as even his Republican constituency doesn't want to be seen as giving money to Fred Thompson II: Electorate Boogaloo.

On the other hand, Kaus is claiming he's raised somewhere between 10 and 20K -- no accounting problem there! -- and his only expenses are a filing fee, a shitty website template and one ad on Ann Alchouse's blog. Yet he's begging for more cash. So much for claims of fiscal responsibility.

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