Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Kaus Klown Kampaign Rolls On

The sum total of the pint-sized hack's campaign efforts today -- a blogpoll:

Democratic state party chair John Burton is more like:

Given that Kaus offers three choices, he must be a retroactive victim of the teachers' unions.

In playing Rasmussen, our hairless hack has inadvertently revealed the full extent of Kausmentum. His poll, which appears on his campaign website, has been open for 21 hours and only 326 people have voted. And the map indicates that only six of the last fifty poll respondents live in California -- Only one in eight-plus of Kaus's visitors could vote for him if they wanted. What percentage of that traffic comes to to laugh isn't known, but I'd put it at 100 percent, with a zero margin of error.

Update (4/12): After the two day mark, Kaus only has 1,854 respondents, and only 5 of the last 50 were from the Golden State. Kaus has been averaging about 100 California voters a day, or at least 100 per day who can muster enough Dem hatred to vote in his poll. All the links to Michael Barone in the world can't revive the Kaus Kampaign.

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