Saturday, April 03, 2010

If He Nominates Himself, He Will Not Run

Slaphead Mickey Kaus has taken some campaign advice from Fred Thompson. And rejected it on the ground that it involved too much effort. Cuts into his naptime, perhaps.

At his campaign website, Kaus is posting approximately once every three days.

Apart from that, he's apparently been proofreading his bio on his website:

In the mid-80's, Mickey bagan to champion welfare reform--i.e., replacing a cash dole with work.

I think he means "teabagan."

He appeared on wingnut radio as "Mickey Kuas."

He gave a speech at an event sponsored by the Alice B. Toklas LGBT Democratic Club, although neither he or the the Club apparently made any effort to publicize the event. No YouTube, Kraus?

He even got the URL for his campaign website from Roger Ailes (see here) -- never a good sign.

Volunteer now, so the candidate doesn't have to.

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