Friday, April 09, 2010

I've Got Nothing to Do and All Day to Do It

Midget Mickey Kaus is managing approximately one post every other day between his two shitty websites. Most could have been written in under 10 minutes, while Breitbart was smothering Kaus with a pillow.

Kaus' newest campaign issue is himself: He's not getting to speak at the California Democratic Party Convention. Kaus suspects that the "machine" fears his oral abilities. Sane people suspect that Kaus doesn't have any platform or policies to run on. Perhaps the Golden State's electorate is looking for a bold leader who will link to an anti-union article every odd-numbered day. A solon who will beg for campaign contributions before offering solutions. A statesman who will do nothing for weeks except issue a press release about about how mean his party is.

Kaus doesn't deserve a place at the convention because he has nothing to offer. We know you can bitch about the unions, Pee Wee, but why can't you explain what should be done with them? If you can be bothered to offer solutions on your own website, why should the Party assume you would be able to articulate them at a convention?

Senator Boxer can manage to spell out what she stands for on a whole range of issues, including labor issues, even though she faces no competition in the primary. Sure she has financial support beyond the rolls of adult video store tokens Kaus's wingnut pals are sending in, but Kaus pretends to be a professional journalist/blogger. Surely he could manage to pinch out a single page of policy positions and "common sense" ideas -- if he had any. (Maybe Ruth Shalit could plagiarize such a page for him from a Tea Party website.) Right now, Kaus' sole articulated message is that Democrats suck. Sure, it's the only thing he believes, but it's not much of platform.

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