Monday, June 12, 2006

Why Does John Derbyshire Hate America?

Because it's filled with women, immigrants, non-whites and homosexuals.

John Derbyshite has come out against the Iraq war. He writes:

"Getting on for 3,000 of our troops have been killed, and close to 20,000 maimed. We've spent untold billions of dollars. For what?"

Don't worry, though. Derbs doesn't hate the troops -- or at least not the straight white male ones -- or straight white male America. To be more accurate, Derbyshite's gotten bored with the war, since it turns out the war hasn't been the Muslim Holocaust he'd hoped and prayed and voted for.

No kidding.

"So why am I eating crow? Because I think it was foolish of me to suppose that the administration would act with the punitive ruthlessness I hoped to see. The rubble-and-out approach was not one that this administration, or perhaps any administration in the present state of our culture, would be willing to pursue. The universalist dogmas that rule unchallenged in our media and educational institutions have fixed their grip on our foreign policy, too. When the Founders of our nation said 'all men' they had in mind Christian Anglo-Saxon men. Our leaders, though, want to bring the whole world under the scope of those grand Lockeian principles."

A Muslim Holocaust, pure and simple.

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