Sunday, June 25, 2006

The New New Pajamas Media

Get ready for the next level of failed wingnut internet enterprises. There's a new Bozo in town, and he's taking over

Yes, manssiere model and small-market bloviator Huge Fuckwit plans to transform Clownhall into the WalMart of wingnuttia:

On July 4, Salem Communications, one of the country's largest radio-station owners, will relaunch an old Web war horse called as a hub for its stable of stars (including Bill Bennett, Michael Medved and Hewitt himself). The hope? That "Web 2.0" wherewithal can transform what was once an op-ed clearinghouse into a single nerve center serving the separate conservative communities of talk radio and the Internet. To Hewitt, a valuable White House ally, the math is simple: add 6 million Salem fans to Townhall's 1.4 million unique monthly visitors and you've got an audience six or seven times the size of liberal site Daily Kos, the Web's biggest political blog. "We will overwhelm them," he says.
Leaving aside Fuckwit's assumption that there's no overlap between the two audiences, if you subtract the million Salem listeners who don't own computers and the 3 million who can't read or write, the advantage disappears. Then subtract those who read Clownhall for laughs, and you're approaching negative numbers.

Or Mickey Kaus's buddy list.

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