Saturday, June 03, 2006

Nashville Killers

You'll not read about this domestic cache of WMDs on the wingnut blogs, but only because the man in custody passes the skintone test:

NASHVILLE -- FBI hazardous material experts searched a home where police found pipe bombs and a jar containing the potentially deadly poison ricin, federal agents said Friday.

The ricin was found in a baby food jar Wednesday in a shed of the home owned by a man who went to jail last week for violating protection orders taken out by his estranged wife, according to local and federal officials.


The homeowner, 55-year-old William Micheal Matthews, had not been charged Friday in connection with the bombs or ricin. His wife Carole had sought the protection orders while he was being treated for substance abuse, officials said.

It was Carole Matthews, who still lives at the home, who told police to search the shed, where authorities also found five gun silencers and bomb-making materials.

Of course, if Matthews had a Pakistani roommate, the virtual lynching party already would have begun. Maybe the neighbor with the suspicious name (see end of article) will get their juices flowing.

Hell, Instacracker will probably declare this guy a Second Amendment martyr, while Phyllis Schafly makes him a posterboy for the men's rights movement.

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