Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A choice quote from today's NYT article on Enyclopedia Brownshirt:

The volume treads lightly, when it treads at all, on matters of race. It describes the "courtesy and dignity" of Strom Thurmond, who as a South Carolina governor and senator led the South's effort to preserve segregation. It does not mention that Mr. Thurmond had a black daughter whose existence he kept secret.

George C. Wallace, who became governor of Alabama pledging "segregation forever," was "always more complicated than his critics allowed." The discussion of "Southern conservatism" pays tribute to the region's "precious Anglo-American continuity" and says nothing about Jim Crow.

How precious!

The largest entry is on Leo Strauss. Tom DeLay and Karl Rove didn't make the cut.

I'm going to guess they've deliberately omitted Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Roy Cohn and Jeff Davis too.

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