Thursday, June 08, 2006

Invisible Man

What happened to Armstrong Williams' long-awaited tome, The New Racists: How Liberal Democrats Have Betrayed Minority Americans?

It was originally due out in January 2006, as reflected in this February 2005 report from World O'Crap.

Then, tragedy struck, and the publication date was pushed back a month:

His book, The New Racists, is scheduled for February 2006 release by Eagle Publishing Co., an imprint of Regnery Publishing, said publicist Patricia Jackson.

She said a subtitle for Williams's book was pending. However, on the Web site, this subtitle is listed: How Liberal Democrats Have Betrayed Minority Americans. (The retail price is $27.95 and the ISBN is 0-895-26018-2.) Jackson said the information posted on Amazon would be removed while the editing is being completed and reposted once the subtitle is confirmed.

Williams said his recast manuscript, post-No Child Left Behind controversy, means, "I have taken a critical look at the Republican and Democratic parties and what we all can do to make both parties better, how we can move beyond race and how race has become an industry Democrats and Republicans benefit from."

Yet the book was still publicized with the "old" subtitle on as late as March 2006.

Now, the book has disappeared from altogther. (It's still purportedly available here, with a July 2006 publication date and the old subtitle. I wouldn't send in the money without checking on its availability, but that's me.)

But I can't find any reference to the book on the Regnery site. Williams does not appear in either the Meet Our Authors section or the Complete Catalog section.

I guess the Old Racists at Regnery didn't like what they read.

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