Friday, August 06, 2004

My Name Is Peggy, And I'm Here To Help

Having taken leave of her senses many years ago, Peggy Nooners is also taking leave of the Wall Street Journal editorial page (or is she just on the website?) to work for the Republican party.

Doing something.

Who knows?

No, nobody asked her.

Not even the Illinois Republican Party.

Not even the Tennessee Republican Party.

I am going to take three months' unpaid leave from The Wall Street Journal and attempt to support the Republican Party in the coming and crucial election. (Every four years everyone says "this is the most important election of my lifetime," but this year I believe it is true.) I'm going to give whatever advice and encouragement I have in terms of strategy, approach, message--I hate that word--and issues. No one has asked me to do this, and I do it as a volunteer, not for a salary but simply to give my time to help what I think is the more helpful side. This will take a bite out of my finances but I can do it. Actually most of us, when we die, wind up with a few thousand dollars in the bank. We should have spent it! I am going to spend mine now.

The White House does not need my help. They have the best political strategists, communications specialists and speechwriters since the Reagan era, which had the best of all these since the time of JFK. President Bush has his sound, and it's a good one. He's getting his sea legs on the stump--it's hard to go from being-president to being-president-and-running again-for-president, it's a bit of a shift and is always awkward. But he's got it together and they've got it together.

She's making a financial sacrifice, dammit!

The sperm donor can pay for the brat's college education.

Bush needs her.

Even if he doesn't know it yet.

He'll see.

Just you wait.

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