Monday, August 30, 2004

Meet Your Liberal Media: Predator-y Pricing Edition

Among the corporate sponsors of Mr. Schwarzenegger's trip [to the Republican National Convention], according to a list provided by the governor's office, are Fox Entertainment, NBC Universal, News Corporation, Paramount, TimeWarner, the Walt Disney Company and Viacom. Other donors include Abbott Laboratories, Amgen and Pfizer, ChevronTexaco and Conoco Phillips, and Outback Steakhouse, SBC and Visa.

Yes, that's Faux, CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS, paying for a politician to appear at a political event and give a speech they'll all no doubt be covering. Supposedly the Predator's three days in NYC would cost Cali 35O thousand dollars. So why the fuck isn't the fucking Republican National Committee paying this expense?

And how many will report their Republican subsidy before or after the Predator's speech tomorrow night?

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