Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Fools For The Chimpy

(Yeah, like there's a lot work with.)

There won't be any of that 1960s loving feeling the Democrats are so obsessed with when it comes to the battle of the bands at the Republican National Convention. Compared with the groovy oldies from Little Richard, Carole King, and Patti LaBelle that wowed the Dems, the GOP lineup unveiled to Whispers is hip in a Nashville-Houston-Sunday-go-to-church kind of way. Topping the entertainment list is Latin sensation Jaci Velasquez, the Houston hottie just picked as Pepsi's spokesperson south of the border. Country star and Bush fave Darryl Worley, a star on the USO tour, appears next with longtime country great Lee Ann Womack. And there's more: Third Day, the rock and gospel band; Austin quartet Dexter Freebish; gospel crooner Donnie McClurkin, and motivational speaker and singer Gracie Rosenberger. And it's not just a one-week stand. Bushies say that several performers, including Womack, Randy Travis, and even 1970s rock band Foghat have offered to tour to offset Bruce Springsteen 's pro-Kerry tour with fellow performers Jackson Browne, Pearl Jam, Bonnie Raitt, R.E.M., and others.
Wait, are we sure that's the Foghat, and not tribute band Fogghatt?

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