Friday, February 16, 2007

What The Last Post Was About

Howard Kurtz has a storyline and he's sticking to it: The media is giving Senator Barack Obama a free ride. The corollary and equally bogus claim from the Putz is that Willard "Muff" Romney is under attack by the biased press:

The press seems downright excited at the prospect of the first female president.

The idea of the first black president has journalists all but giddy.

But the first Mormon president? Whoa! That's a different matter.

The skeptical tone toward Mitt Romney's announcement has been impossible to miss. And the major reason is his religion.

"Will Mormon faith hurt bid for White House?" said USA Today's front-page headline on the day that the former Massachusetts governor announced.

Try to imagine a headline that said, "Will Jewish faith hurt bid for White House?"

I'll take that challenge.

Hmmm.... here's a query from the Putz's CNN colleague Paula Zahn, speaking to Holy Joe Lieberman immediately following his campaign announcement in 2003: "Do you believe the United States is ready for a Jewish president?"

Give me a hard one, Howie.

And let's not pretend that the media didn't run the exact same story about African-American and women presidents, and continue to do so, over and over again.

Now, try to imagine that Kurtz wrote an honest media criticism column.

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