Wednesday, February 14, 2007

(It's) Slammer Time

Can it be? Will Scooter's defense team close its case without calling the witness that pretend lawyer Glenn Reynolds believes is the key to Scooter's freedom? On Sunday's Reliable Republicans, Glenn perfessed as only a great legal mind can:

I'm really kind of curious as to why we're not hearing from Andrea Mitchell, who I gather the defense wants to bring out but for some reason the prosecutor has been resisting that. And I'm a little hazy on exactly why the prosecution is resisting that.
Well, I Am Curious (Glenn) is a little bit hazy on anything law-related. But the defense will reportedly rest today without calling Ms. Mitchell.

And, in a crushing blow for A.Q. Strata, the defense won't be calling Dick Armitage for his blockbuster testimony that absolutely everyone knew about Valerie Plame and her covert status.

Why, oh, why won't Libby's defense team listen to wingnuttia's finest legal minds? It's like they want to lose.

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