Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's Not About The Putz

Yesterday, Howard Kurtz wrote about Judy Fucking-Miller's appearance under subpoena at United States v. Libby trial on Monday:

"The last person Judith Miller probably wanted to see yesterday was me."

Let's see. Prosecutor who imprisoned Miller for violating the law vs. annoying, egomanical yutz with a bad rug. Who would Miller rather not see?

And another question: Who's paying malpractice artist Bob Bennett since the New York Times canned Miller? A competent reporter would find out, but the Putz was too busy having daydreams of grandeur to do any reporting. The greasy-wigged hack must have been covering arrivals for the TV Guide Channel, because he spent the entire day at the trial and didn't report a second of the proceedings in the column.

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