Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Nonresponsive. Move To Strike.

A hack takes questions from the masses:

Anonymous: Michelle Malkin has been loud, rude and wrong on just about any topic she has ever opined upon. Any chance you will ever profile any of the bloggers who have been serious, thoughtful and correct? Also, as the right-wing already dominates AM talk radio, cable news and other media, right-wing bloggers are seemingly marginalized. In contrast, real liberal points of view (Krugman and Dionne excepted) mostly are confined to the Internet. It seems as if these "new" voices are a far more interesting phenomena.

washingtonpost.com: Michelle Malkin's Conservative Fight Has Others Coming Out Swinging (Post, Feb. 16)

Howard Kurtz: Well, let's see, I've already done profiles of Jeff Jarvis and Andrew Sullivan, and written extensively about bloggers on both the left and the right.

Yes, but the question is about "serious, thoughtful and correct" bloggers.

Between Sully's slander of liberals as fifth columnists and Weirdbeard Jarvis's assertion that the 9/11 Commission was partly to blame for the Hurricane Katrina FEMA fiasco (not to mention his phony outrage about the nonexistent outing of those Iraqi bloggers), I can't imagine a less fitting characterization of those overrated bloghards.

The only one less deserving of those appellations is Kurtz himself.

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